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Makeup brushes explore the world rome

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The fabulous OH Fashion Explore the World Rome Makeup Brushes set, will help you get ready and create a magnificent makeup. The OH Fashion Explore the World Makeup Brushes set includes a fashionable cylindrical case designed with the emblems of Rome.

The OH Fashion Rome set includes a cylindrical case and 10 brushes:
1.    Powder Brush: the OH Fashion Powder Brush will allow you to set and touch up your makeup.
2.    Contour Brush: the OH Fashion Contour Brush enables the precise application of the contour.
3.    Foundation Brush: The OH Fashion Foundation Brush will allow you to blend the foundation out smoothly, so you can get a natural look.
4.    Concealer Brush: The OH Fashion Concealer Brush is perfect for spot correction and successfully evening out the concealer.
5.    Angled Brush: The OH Fashion Angled Brush will gracefully fill out your eyebrows.
6.    Blending Brush: The OH Fashion Blending Brush will help you to soften out any harsh lines after the application of the eye shadow.
7.    Eye shadow Brush: The OH Fashion Eye shadow Brush will apply eye shadow with precision onto your eyelid.
8.    Shader Brush: The OH Fashion Large Shader Brush is used for a softer application of shadow, it is also perfect for brow highlight.
9.    Precision Eye Liner Brush: The OH Fashion Precision Eye Liner Brush will create a killer eye line look.
10.    Blush Brush: The OH Fashion Blush Brush creates a beautiful blush for the most natural look

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